Bring The Glitterdome to Your Town!

Bring Last Pasties Standing to you!

Do you want to have the epic improv battle on your own turf? Are there others in your area who would want to play the game? Well, you’re in luck! Because we’re takin’ the show on the road!

Launched in February 2014, Last Pasties Standing is growing strong in Atlanta, and made its traveling debut during the 8th annual Asheville Americana & Burlesque Festival. It’s a great after-party for performers. It’s great stand-alone entertainment, too!

In 2015, Last Pasties Standing is part of Southern Fried Burlesque Festival, Asheville Americana Sideshow & Burlesque Festival, Virginia Burlesque Sideshow & Burlesque Festival, and more!

A few details:

  • In Atlanta, the show pays by door split. However, there is overhead associated with traveling (obviously), so there is a guarantee for bringing the show to town. This fee can be defrayed somewhat if there are additional performance or teaching opportunities.
  • You will be offered a few themes for the show, and it’s easy to tailor the theme for your local scene, particularly┬áif it will be featured as part of a larger event or festival.
  • The game is designed for 8 contestants, but there are ways to make it work with 7, 6, or 4 competitors.
  • Most full shows with 3 rounds have been between 90 minutes and 2 hours.

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