Turtle Creek Coffee

We love our sponsor, Turtle Creek Coffee. The Roast Master, Mick, is as obsessively crazy about the quality of the beans as we are about our costumes. He obtains, sometimes through questionable tactics, the finest of the finest coffee beans from around the world. He buys really big bags. Then, much like when he was selling weed in the 60s and 70s, he makes little bags that he can sell to the consumer.

Turtle Creek CoffeeThis is old school coffee roasted on new school equipment. One man, one machine. And a bevy of smoking hot Coffee Cuties. The love goes in every bag. And really, he is pretty much crazy enough that we almost consider him family. You know, that one uncle you all have ?

As Sidetracked sings: “Turtle Creek Coffee, It’s the Best. Turtle Creek Coffee, Fuck the Rest”

Life’s too short to drink bad coffee !



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